From School to Work / Graduate Trainees Program

Suggested Learning Solutions

  • First 180 Days
  • The first 180 days into new work life after having finished school or previous job is a period of transition, both psychologically and socially. The new employee is expected to perform up to established company standards in his/her new role as soon as possible, which reduces the time available to adapt to his new environment and new working relationships. This situation forces new employees to have the right attitude, appropriate business etiquette, good interpersonal skills, and dependable work ability within their first 180 days of new employment.
  • The key in this transition stage is to make sure all new employees in their first 180 days are prepared with the critical skills and mind-set ready to contribute to the organization. The better employees prepare themselves and their skills, the better chance they will have in succeeding in their new corporate life.
  • From School to Work Seminar
  • Graduation from school is the starting point of our career paths. This transitional step is critical because it is the foundation on which we develop and build our careers. To achieve good career matching without wasting time, we must learn about ourselves in terms of our own interests, personality, and strengths.
  • The key to this successful transition stage is to ensure that we have the critical skills and appropriate mind-set ready to capture the job opportunities in the market. Better preparation will increase the likelihood of attaining a good job and being able to build our career in the right direction.