Communication / Facilitation / Presentation

Suggested Learning Solutions

  • Effective Facilitation Skills
  • Presenting ideas and facilitating meetings are essential skills for today’s managers. There has been a growing realization that truly effective meetings require careful attention to their planning and process elements. With a focus on how to encourage ideas and build consensus from a group, facilitation is an important leadership skill every manager needs, this skill will transcend through a variety of settings, such as: in internal and external meetings, cross-functional projects taskforce, focus groups, and more.
  • Enneagram Based Personal Effectiveness
  • In many organizations, a brilliant mind is more sought after than a diligent employee. It is possible to increase productivity and breakthrough performance, if we are able to enhance personal effectiveness. In this program, we will get a better understanding and appreciation of self and others through the Enneagram System, in order to enhance our personal effectiveness and productivity through time, stress and relationship management with people possessing different personality traits.
  • Value-driven Presentation Skills
  • Whenever you are asked to speak in front of one or more individuals for the purpose of explaining, educating, persuading, influencing or simply conveying information, you have a presentation. Not everyone are natural-born good speakers; it is a learnable skill necessary for one to succeed in his/her career. In this program, participants will learn Value-driven Presentation Skills that will bond your audience to you while delivering your message precisely. The key lies in giving your presentations solid impact so that your audience will remember your message and, more importantly, you. Real presentation materials will be used for practice, which will be video-taped for one-to-one feedback. After the workshop, our consultant will summarize each participant’s strengths and areas for improvement.