A message from our founders

Integral was founded in 2004, over the last decade, Integral have progressed significantly while keeping in line with its core values, The Integral consulting team’s most valuable strength and proven competitive advantage is our focus in offering client-tailored consulting services and Integrated Learning Solutions.  We have created various customized training programs and learning solutions fitting specific needs of corporations, empowering their work force to succeed.

We are privileged to say that Integral provides a unique platform with a proven track record that facilitates organizations with immediate solutions, and also providing a long-term resolution in their operations.  We do this by employing the DIKW pyramid. The Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom pyramid allows us to help clients’ progress fluidly from “data” to “wisdom”.


This year is a particularly special one for us. Not only have we been helping organizations in Hong Kong and Asia for over ten years, we have upgraded our training methodology substantially. Integrating Lego® Serious Play® into the mix helps us inspire creativity, team alignment and participation from all levels, allowing participants to bring this new found skill into the workplace.

Every one of us at Integral gives a heartfelt thank you for your support over all these years, getting us to where we are today. We hope that we will continue helping organizations and individuals of all levels prepare for the future – either in the workplace or personal growth.