Negotiation / Conflict / Influence

Suggested Learning Solutions

  • Integral Leadership Development Program
  • Leadership is often the critical defining factor for an organization’s success in a competitive marketplace. Team leaders, regardless of their levels in the corporate hierarchy, are the key to driving higher productivity and improved efficiency while maintaining team relationships to boost employee morale. One of the fundamental struggles of effective leadership is to balance results versus relationships. This program is highly interactive by use of assessments, case studies, role-plays, games, experiential activities, action learning.
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • While achieving total customer satisfaction is a competitive advantage to an organization, good stakeholder relationships play a pivotal role among departments, suppliers and other strategic partners. Stakeholder management, communication and engagement are essential for many of us with roles, such as internal business partners, suppliers, project managers, functional professionals, and consultants. This program helps sales or non-sales managers and professionals to manage stakeholder expectations and engage stakeholder communication.
  • Winning through Influence & Negotiation
  • In all negotiations, achieving a win-win outcome for both parties is always desirable to maintain a long-term collaboration. In a business situation, it is particularly difficult to influence others who have different priorities, values, and needs. Reliance on our role authorities and personal relationships to persuade others is often insufficient on a long-term basis. Highly effective people know how to use different tactics to influence others. In fact, influencing and negotiating skills are not only important for salespeople, but also for all staff in an organization who want to collaborate with others to execute action plan for win-win results.