Organization Development / Change

Suggested Learning Solutions

  • Learning Solutions using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methodology
  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methodology is an approach in which learners use a variety of LEGO® bricks as mediating artifacts to build metaphorical toy models that represent abstract concepts and ambiguous ideas. Everyone builds, everyone shares, everyone is allowed to ask questions and make reflections on the models. Its process, structure and techniques are designed to engage people in thinking and facilitate communication in generating insights for problem solving and strategy formation.
  • Through hands-on and minds-on dialogic activities, learners share meanings of the LEGO® models they built. LSP enables participants to totally participate, share their values, mindfully learn, give full attention, appreciate differences and develop a sense of connection to each other’s thoughts and stories. Learning will be emotionally connected; therefore the process can deepen learning reflection, open the participants’ minds to possibilities, appreciate diversities, and strengthen resulting commitments.
  • Organization Development in Practice
  • Organization Development (OD) is not just “any changes to better an organization”; it is an integrated whole of mindsets, processes, skills and tactics of interventions applying behavioral science to the planned development that lead to organizational effectiveness. OD involves systems thinking, tactical interventions, self-organizing and social interactions. Most leaders today recognize the importance of organizational renewal and development. A solid grasp of the principle forces involved in organization development is crucial for leaders of corporations in the face of dynamic changes and uncertainties.
  • Positive Change Management
  • Most leaders today recognize the importance of organizational renewal. Driving organizational change is not only managing change but leading change to commitment and performance. This program is designed in a systematic way for participants to learn how to adapt and/or lead change transition in any type of organization. Participants will learn positive change leadership concepts and best practices, how to apply change process for their case, and walk away with tools to move beyond change management to change leadership.
  • Systems Thinking Skills
  • Systems Thinking involves the idea that “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”. High performing leaders or professionals have the ability to recognize patterns, interdependency & interrelationships of components, change, variables and forces in a system. There is a certain degree of intangibility in defining these relationship elements, similar to defining the successful elements in a team that wins with teamwork. The truly insightful leaders find ways to pinpoint and develop these difficult-to-quantify aspects. This program has been designed with the goal of helping you develop this frame of thinking to resolve complex organizational problems.