Our Consultants

A Chinese proverb states that “walking a thousand miles is better than reading a thousand books.” This holds true especially in the field of business consulting. Our consultants all possess extensive education backgrounds, but more importantly we emphasize a broad foundation of experience in various industries. Accumulation of experience and insight in multi-facets of business facilitates consultancy that takes into account all related contingencies which could be affected.

Core Brains of Our Business

Terence Chung (Hong Kong)

MA in Human & Organizational Systems, MSc in Management, PgD in Management Consulting & Change, Certified Management Consultant (CMC), IAF-Certified Professional Facilitator & Assessor (CPF), Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator

Principal Consultant, Design & Facilitation (Hong Kong)
Integral Training & Consulting Ltd.

Terence is one of the founders of Integral Training & Consulting Ltd. He is an instructional designer and IAF-accredited facilitator and assessor with expertise in leadership development, organization development, team alignment, project management, strategic planning facilitation, learning solutions consultancy.

Cindy Kwok (Canada)

BSc in Hotel Admin (Cornell), PgD in Finance Planning, Cert in Tax Planning, Cert in Real Estate

Principal Consultant, Strategy & Development (Canada)
Integral Training & Consulting Ltd.

Cindy, one of the founding managing partners of Integral, has over 20 years of proven excellence in adapting to a multitude of different international business environments. She is best described as having a specialty in being a generalist, possessing strengths in a variety business related aspects. Most importantly, she is a particularly skilled and experienced analyzer, able to conduct in-depth analyses to pinpoint root causes to dilemmas. Her thoroughness and attention to detail in all aspects of her work gives her a particularly strong aptitude for successful start-up projects.

Associate Consultants

Dr. Johnny Wan

PhD. in Management (Louisiana State University), Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Certified Practitioner in MBTI and NLP, FIHRM

Associate Consultant (Hong Kong)
Integral Training & Consulting Ltd.

Dr. Johnny Wan is a management consultant and trainer, with over 20 years of management experience in academic, public and commercial sectors. He is keen on HR development strategies, business model, talent management, strategic mindset and leadership development. He is also a seasoned trainer on coaching and interpersonal skills.

Ir. Dannie Yung

MSc(Eng), CEng, MIEE, MHKIE, MIIE, MAPICS, International Who’s Who

Associate Consultant (Hong Kong)
Integral Training & Consulting Ltd.

Dannie’s success lies in her global working / value / networking horizon and close to 30 years of corporate, academic and consulting experience in Asia and North America. She specializes in areas of business process improvement, project leadership, project coaching, six sigma breakthrough and supply chain logistics. Her contribution reaches out to companies and thousands of managers and professionals in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, UK, Canada and US.

Titus C.F. Chui


Associate Consultant (Hong Kong)
Integral Training & Consulting Ltd.

Titus has over 35 years of experience in learning and development and 27 years of which were involved in senior level management development programs. He is a certified trainer for various vendor programs including targeted management, interaction management and techniques for an empowered workforce of DDI; influence management, coaching & mentoring, assertiveness, sales management, key account management, consultative selling skills, achieving service excellence, sales presentation and sales negotiation of Forum; consultative selling skills, account management and sales coaching of Mentor Group; advanced presentations skills of Winning Presentations; putting people first, personal quality, time management, and employeeship of TMI.

Francis Tam


Associate Consultant (Hong Kong)
Integral Training & Consulting Ltd.

Francis has more than 30 years of strategic human resource experience regionally in PRC, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries. His expertise covers full spectrum of human resource ranging from organization design and development, leadership and management, executive coaching for success and improvement , career and succession planning, performance management, organizational culture, managing change, rewards management, labor relations, expatriate management, learning & development, corporate policies & procedures etc.

Sophia Sooknam Lee

MLA degree from Oklahoma City University, Visual Communications in FIDM

Associate Consultant (Korea)
Integral Training & Consulting Ltd.

Sophia is a highly seasoned trainer in luxury retails, planning, designing, customizing, outsourcing, as well as conducting system and operation, service, product, staff development, and culture training. She has over 20 years experience in luxury retail management, of which 4 years as store manager and 9 years as training and merchandising manager of Louis Vuitton Korea.

Noriko Sato

MA in Education, BA in Spanish, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Certified Administrator MBTI, Certified PDI 360 Profiler

Associate Consultant (Japan)
Integral Training & Consulting Ltd.

Noriko Sato is a Human Resources Development consultant as well as certified professional coach. She is an instructional designer and facilitator with expertise in leadership development, performance management, team development, career development and diversity training at global companies in Japan. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Human Resource Development.

Kim Leischner

Certified Professional Coach (ICF), Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), NLP

Associate Consultant (Canada)
Integral Training & Consulting Ltd.

Kim is a professional speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach and entrepreneur dedicated to the development of human performance and human potential. She has over 20 years of experience with group facilitation, leadership, performance development and experiential learning.

Amana Wong

Certified Action Learning Coach, Accredited MBTI Administrator, Certified DISC Behavioral Consultant & Trainer, Certified 6 Seconds-EQ Coach, Certified NLP Trainer & Consultant, Certified Trainer (Planner of Environmental Interpretation)

Associate Consultant (Hong Kong)
Integral Training & Consulting Ltd.

Amana is an action-learning coach, consultative facilitator and life-skill trainer, who is specialized in people development and has extensive experience in individual, team and organization development by experiential learning approaches. Regardless of the setting, Amana’s enthusiasm is always there. His passion guides participants through the steps of self-awareness, engagement, collaboration, and commitment to change.