Project Management / Resource Planning

Suggested Learning Solutions

  • Project Planning & Management
  • Project-based work is popular in many organizations. There are members in different functional and hierarchical levels involved in various types and scale of projects, for instance, new product development, cycle time reduction, new market development, information technology system change, employee socialization activities, cost reduction campaign, customer service campaign, etc. Other than traditional planning and organizing skills, project leaders and members need project management skills to optimize resources to execute plans and achieve goals in a systemic approach. Whether there is a need to start off real projects or to learn fundamental planning skills and concepts, project planning and management skills are suitable for all levels of managers and employees.
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Facing a volatile market environment with rapid changes, departmental strategies should align with the corporate direction, while at the same time leverage resources with each other. The purpose of strategic planning is to keep the organizational direction, values and strategies aligned and to ensure all departments leverage resources effectively amongst each other to achieve the common goals. The alignment process starts from a review of corporate strategies compared with operational realities, and ends with facilitated inter-departmental joint sessions to re-align department functions.
  • Strategic Thinking & Execution
  • The large majority of competitive organizations have carefully devised their winning strategies. The companies that manage to rise to the surface above the others are those that effectively execute their thoughtfully created strategies. Leaders should master both strategic thinking techniques and execution tools to produce the intended results. This program is highly effective in helping participants in applying their learning to workplace strategies. Regardless of the level of management, this program targets to help executives and managers develop and implement strategies to produce effective results.