Human Development through LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP)

Play has been viewed in modern, cultural and economic heritage of Protestant capitalism as frivolous while work is serious and productive. This simple opposition implies an assumption that work is good and play is bad. However, organizational research argues that play could be good, if taken seriously (hence, Serious Play) in organizations to engage human learning and development with the intention to achieve work-related goals.

Applying Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in Organization Development (OD) with a Complexity Adaptive System (CAS) Perspective

An organization is an emergent property of change adapting to its environment. There are many different theories to explain change, ranging from an incremental transaction to an episodic transformation. Adopting a Complexity Adaptive System (CAS) perspective to view changes and using an Appreciative Inquiry intervention could help OD architects and change agents to develop a thriving organization.