Strategic Thinking / Systems Thinking

Suggested Learning Solutions

  • Strategic Thinking & Execution
  • The large majority of competitive organizations have carefully devised their winning strategies. The companies that manage to rise to the surface above the others are those that effectively execute their thoughtfully created strategies. Leaders should master both strategic thinking techniques and execution tools to produce the intended results. This program is highly effective in helping participants in applying their learning to workplace strategies. Regardless of the level of management, this program targets to help executives and managers develop and implement strategies to produce effective results.
  • Systems Thinking: Resolving Complex Organizational Problems
  • Systems Thinking involves the idea that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. High performing leaders or professionals have the ability to recognize patterns, interdependency & interrelationships of components, change, variables and forces in a system. There is a certain degree of intangibility in defining these relationship elements, similar to defining the successful elements in a team that wins with teamwork. The truly insightful leaders find ways to pinpoint and develop these difficult-to-quantify aspects. This program has been designed with the goal of helping you develop this frame of thinking to resolve complex organizational problems.