Why Integral

We are committed to providing the right solutions. The industry is flooded with consulting firms offering training to improve employee and organizational performance. Where Integral stands out over the competition is in our approach, which is to first conduct research and consultancy to ascertain the root of the dilemma before we design and propose appropriate, viable action plans. Our experience has proven that each organization has its own different set of driving variables, so each solution requires customization to be most effective. This is ultimately the best way in providing top value in our services to our clients.

We differentiate ourselves from others by:

Strong consultancy discipline and ability

to give unbiased professional advice and solutions. Our clients will clearly understand their genuine needs and expected outcomes from our consultancy before making our recommendations.

Strong customized course design

with clear design logic, concepts and structure to target learners’ competence, confidence and commitment. Our clients will get a unique training service or program design focusing on their critical areas, so as to speed up participants’ learning process for skill application.

Proven track record and testimonials

to drive us to strive for excellence. Our clients can trust our professionalism and passion in our work, because every project represents a performance report of our reputation in the industry. Long-term partnership with our clients to build trust and relationship to grow together. Our client satisfaction is highly regarded each and every time, because our clients’ success means our success.

Experienced interactive delivery

by trainers with over 20 years of experience in facilitation. Our clients will receive professional training in terms of our subject matter expertise and insights from practical experience. We clearly tell the clients who will design and deliver the programs in the proposal.

Evaluation and follow-ups

are important to us; our clients receive a written evaluation report from us after each project, and we monitor progress to better assess long-term effectiveness of our programs.

Promising highest standards

for customer-focus, integrity and results in everything we do. Our clients can rely on what we promised in our project plan without worries of quality problems, confidentiality and mistakes in implementation. We are committed to performing each step of our proposed project plans with precision and thoroughness to ensure the desired results are achieved.