Work Efficiency / Productivity

Suggested Learning Solutions

  • Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • One of the biggest obstacles in effective problem solving is that the problem itself is often accepted and tolerated, which ends up being ignored as a problem altogether. Therefore, the program starts with a mind shift towards problem ownership and attitude. The program then follows up with a structured approach of PSDM Model, in which participants in the workshop will directly apply concepts, tools and processes of problem solving and decision making to solve their real problems in the workplace.
  • Enneagram Based Personal Effectiveness
  • In many organizations, a brilliant mind is more sought after than a diligent employee. It is possible to increase productivity and breakthrough performance, if we are able to enhance personal effectiveness. In this program, we will get a better understanding and appreciation of self and others through the Enneagram System, in order to enhance our personal effectiveness and productivity through time, stress and relationship management with people possessing different personality traits.
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • While achieving total customer satisfaction is a competitive advantage to an organization, good stakeholder relationships play a pivotal role among departments, suppliers and other strategic partners. Stakeholder management, communication and engagement are essential for many of us with roles, such as internal business partners, suppliers, project managers, functional professionals, and consultants. This program helps sales or non-sales managers and professionals to manage stakeholder expectations and engage stakeholder communication.