Business Breakthrough

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my axe.”

Abraham Lincoln

How to enhance business performance from good to great?

Strategic Planning

Facing a volatile market environment with rapid changes, departmental strategies should align with the corporate direction, while at the same time leverage resources with each other. The purpose of strategic planning is to keep the organizational direction, values and strategies aligned and to ensure all departments leverage resources effectively amongst each other to achieve the common goals. The alignment process starts from a review of corporate strategies compared with operational realities and ends with facilitated inter-departmental joint sessions to re-align department efforts.

Strategic Thinking

The large majority of competitive organizations have carefully devised their winning strategies. The companies that manage to rise to the surface above the others are those that effectively execute their thoughtfully curated strategies. Leaders should master both strategic thinking techniques and execution tools to produce the intended results. This program is highly effective in helping participants in applying their learning to workplace strategies. Regardless of the level of management, this program targets to help executives and managers develop and implement strategies to produce effective results.

Performance Breakthrough

Limited resources often prevent achieving both business performance and customer satisfaction. However, this is also the area where many organizations demonstrate their competitive edges. Performance is an outcome of how to leverage interconnected organizational systems and resources. Therefore, Integral’s OD approach takes a system perspective to find out what impede organizational performance and partner with the clients to design the best-fit solutions for performance breakthrough.

Influence & Negotiation

In all negotiations, achieving a win-win outcome for both parties is always desirable to maintain a long-term collaboration. In a business situation, it is particularly difficult to influence others who have different priorities, values, and needs. Reliance on our role authorities and personal relationships to persuade others is often insufficient on a long-term basis. Highly effective people know how to use different tactics to influence others. In fact, influencing and negotiating skills are not only important for salespeople, but also for all staff in an organization who want to collaborate with others to execute action plan for win-win results.

Challenging Sales Dialogue

At the start of any sales process, customers likely have a psychological bias against your recommendations. It is important for high-performing salespeople to proficiently manage customer negative emotions and behaviors to advance the sales process. This program is a video-taped simulation to drill the specific behaviors and wordings in challenging sales situations. The course is customized to fit to any sales organization for experienced and inexperienced sales people.

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Never before I have received so many positive feedback from my colleagues on the training. Strategic thinking is everyone's responsibility and it is not about who is smart enough to enhance innovation. LSP is not just the building bricks, it is so much more … a playful and powerful way to think deeply of the changing environment and its possibilities, explore ideas and alternatives, the interconnection and to understand an individual's perspectives. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Terence for his excellent facilitation as he is so passionate in delivering such a quality and meaningful training to the audiences!

Boehringer Ingelheim (HK) Ltd.

Terence is a professional and seasoned training practitioner, who facilitated two sessions of Retreat Workshop in the third quarter of 2004 for our senior management team to re-focus our corporate vision, mission, values, beliefs, strategies, etc. His professional piece of work in leading the team to accomplish the objectives is highly effective. Terence demonstrated his expertise in contemporary training profession. He also gave us advice on other related strategic projects and programs. Our partnership with Terence will definitely help to fuel our rapid business growth in the coming years.

Shanghai Lotus Supermarket Chain Store Co.Ltd.

We want to thank you for the advance preparation work to understand our team’s needs and challenges for the Key Account Management Workshop. We appreciate your time spent to research and learn about our business. The case studies for discussions during the workshop were practical, enjoyable, and really helpful. With the Winning through Influence and Negotiations Workshop and this Key Account Management Workshop being the second we have taken with Integral, we look forward to more tailored sessions to grow with our team.

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