Customer Intimacy

“The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them—preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.”

Richard Branson

How to increase the awareness of and alignment with customer's needs and values?

Design Thinking

Harnessing dialogic OD principles, design thinking could be an effective way for organizational problem solving and innovation. Our design thinking solutions adopt Integral 4-I Model. Starting with the intervention by ethnographic investigation to reframe the problem, cross-team inspiration from the customer journey, creative ideation of solutions, and collaborative iteration of experimentation. Integral uses design thinking in both client organizational change and problem-solving learning solution.

Stakeholder Management

While achieving total customer satisfaction is a competitive advantage to an organization, good stakeholder relationships play a pivotal role among departments, suppliers and other strategic partners. Stakeholder management, communication and engagement are essential for many of us with roles, such as internal business partners, suppliers, project managers, functional professionals, and consultants. This program helps sales or non-sales managers and professionals to manage stakeholder expectations and engage stakeholder communication.

Service Excellence

Did you know that “it can cost up to 30 times as much to get a new customer as it does to keep an existing one.” Mike Johnston, The Chartered Institute of Marketing.  Service satisfaction is something that is defined by customers.  It is the resulting feelings and perceptions in the customer after having interacted with the service provider.  Many organizations have a common question on how to achieve a consistent and personalized service in every customer interaction.  This program is all about preparing participants to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) and customer loyalty.  Organizations ultimately turn service excellence into a competitive advantage.

Influence & Negotiation

In all negotiations, achieving a win-win outcome for both parties is always desirable to maintain a long-term collaboration. In a business situation, it is particularly difficult to influence others who have different priorities, values, and needs. Reliance on our role authorities and personal relationships to persuade others is often insufficient on a long-term basis. Highly effective people know how to use different tactics to influence others. In fact, influencing and negotiating skills are not only important for salespeople, but also for all staff in an organization who want to collaborate with others to execute action plan for win-win results.

Facilitation & Presentation

Presenting ideas and facilitating meetings are essential skills for today’s managers. There has been a growing realization that truly effective meetings require careful attention to their planning and process elements. Whenever you are asked to speak in front of one or more individuals for the purpose of explaining, educating, persuading, influencing or simply conveying information, you have a presentation. While facilitation focuses on how to encourage ideas and build consensus from a group. Both facilitation and presentation are important skills every manager needs. The skills will transcend through a variety of settings, such as: in internal and external meetings, cross-functional projects task force, focus groups, and more.

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    Thank you for this valuable training. Professional development of our front line staff is an on-going process that is ever changing and must be adaptable in a competitive marketplace. Your insights and methodologies are very current and equip us to adapt very quickly. We have implemented your methods and processes, and our staff is experiencing positive feedback from our customers. They are also much better equipped to handle day to day customer interactions as a direct result of the high level of professional development you have imparted to us.

    Canon Hongkong Company Limited

    It’s one of the outstanding workshops I have joined. Influence & Negotiation workshop is very practical and gives me a lot of inspiration. The trainer from Integral Training & Consulting Ltd is the one I met with high professional and rich training experiences who leads the whole workshop smoothly and perfectly. One of the most impressed me is the Integral team has excellent ability to understand customers’ different needs. They do not offer the “standard & fast” package for everyone but “made to measure” for the customer in order to achieve the best result and influence. I strongly believe they will continuously be the best choice for all customers.

    Ermenegildo Zegna (China) Co., Ltd

    We appreciated very much the training programs Integral brought to both our managers, supervisors and customer service staff. We find the workshops highly inspirational and interactive – which strengthened very good mindset, team spirit, practical skills on management and customer service of the participants. All staff enjoyed the training very much and we believe we are on the way to next level! Thanks very much for the professional support!

    manroland (China) Ltd.