Community Care

Focuses on community care and social responsibility to strive for fulfilment

“How could I make a difference in the world we live in today and more importantly, tomorrow?” Check out what community care programs Integral is offering to schools, non-profit organizations and corporates at a nominal fee.

What’s it all about?  We hope that we can contribute by doing what we do best – help you to be a better you, for yourself, for the world and for the future. You are the key to making a difference in the world we live in today and tomorrow.

2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Game

Introducing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) game to Hong Kong, Integral will be hosting a series of games that can shed light on your visions for the decade.

Did you know that there is butterfly effect in the decisions you make? If you decide to bring your own bottled water instead of purchasing one, it would affect the economic growth of the community you are in. However, by bringing your own bottle, you will be protecting the environment and reducing waste. Through the 2030 SDGs Game, we hope to enlighten your decision-making.

Perhaps a simple vision for your year could be as simple as bringing a water bottle around.

Through the 2030 SDGs Game, we would like to help you discover what your goals are for the year.

We offer sessions for individuals, schools, non-profit organizations and corporates. As part of our Integral2020Vison, these sessions are offered at a nominal fee. For more detailed information, please contact us.

“Let our New Year’s resolution be this:
we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity,
in the finest sense of the word.”

Goran Persson, former Swedish Prime Minister (1996-2006)


“I am grateful for experiencing 2030 SDG Game. It is interesting, inspirable and easy to play. It effectively raises participants self-awareness while helps them understand collaboration and partnership is the key to make the world a better place. This well-designed training tool could also be widely applicable in different topics. The workshop is short but comes with powerful result. Highly recommended! Thank you very much indeed for your professional service. Look forward to our next collaboration.”

Henderson Land Development Co., Ltd.



Integral worked with our NGO partner, The Hong Kong Society for the Blind to host team building sessions in both 2017 and 2018, utilizing Lego Serious Play (LSP). As the team is made up of a diverse profile, such as centre-in-charge, nurses, therapists, social workers, chefs, drivers, janitor, and clerks, we found that LSP would be most ideal to engage members of all levels.

The sessions were mediated through LEGO bricks, where participants were fully engaged, hands-on minds-on; this was essential in unlocking the sharing of touching personal stories about their roles and services.

Through the LSP sessions, there were genuine dialogues, which funneled members to align with team identity & values. Not only were the initial goals met, but also through the LSP sessions, this allowed everyone to truly appreciate each member’s contributions to the visually impaired, further reinforcing and reflecting in the meaningfulness of their jobs.

“We appreciate Integral in delivering the LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) workshops. All our team members found the workshops useful, joyful and helpful, especially building up our team spirit. LSP provides a good way for us to express our belief and values. We believe the objectives of the workshop have been delivered to our members successfully.”

The Hong Kong Society for the Blind

Read more about LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) Methodology.

From School to Work

Graduation from school is the starting point of our career paths. This transitional step is critical because it is the foundation to develop and build our careers. The key to this successful transition stage is to ensure that we have the critical skills and appropriate mind-set ready to capture the job opportunities in the market. Better preparation will increase the likelihood of attaining a good job and being able to build our career in the right direction.

What make your transition from school to work successful?

  • be passionate towards career goals
  • understand self and others
  • be pleasant with positive attitude
  • take challenges & ownership
  • communicate effectively
  • demonstrate ethics and trustworthy
  • be aware of critical business etiquette
  • willing to learn and learn fast
  • manage multi-tasks and be responsible

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Our Long-Term NGO Partner

Integral has been working with our long-term NGO Partner, Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service (YMMSS) since 2010. Established in 1967, Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service is a multidisciplinary social service agency organized by the Ward Memorial Methodist Church. YMMSS strives to establish a flexible organization and service delivery to unite people with passion and skills to provide professional and diverse social services in response to the needs of the society. YMMSS commits to care for and serve people in need for the flourishing of their lives.

Over the last 10+ years working with YMMSS, Integral played a big part in their organizational development and people development; collating the tools best suited for this organization, we suggested various activities, this includes LSP, strategic retreat, customer services, team alignment, Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Study, strategic thinking and execution.

In 2017, Integral hosted a Strategic Retreat and Team Alignment for YMMSS, the purpose of the Retreat Facilitation is to revisit the vision, mission, and credos of the organization. In view of the political and demographic changes in Hong Kong, the Director wanted the leaders in the organization to reflect on the identity of their positioning in the society and envision where they will be in 10 years. Integral facilitated the leadership team to reflect on their organizational identity and goals for YMMSS.

With rich experience in TNA study, Integral conducted an organizational-wide TNA study for YMMSS more recently in 2019-20. Taking a proactive strategy in manpower planning and development, YMMSS plans to develop a strong team of leaders and professionals readily available in all aspects of services. Step one is to carry out a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) consultancy study. In order to focus the effort and resources to develop an adequate and competent workforce to meet the challenges ahead, the study focuses on identifying training needs and develop a comprehensive training and development plan for YMMSS. Integral believes learning culture is facilitated by empowered leaders and could only be sustained by engaged employees with positive attitude. The best positive outcomes arise when the drive to change comes from within employees. Therefore, all leaders and employees were invited to participate in the TNA process and own their training needs.

“Since 2010, our agency has been partnering with Integral to develop our organization and people. Integral consultants are professional, reliable, and pragmatic to diagnose our organizational issues, and suggest the right solutions in our context. Throughout the years, Integral has facilitated different projects for us, including strategic planning retreat, team alignment, training, leadership coaching. Recently, Integral designed and conducted an organization-wide training need analysis study. The response rate was exceptional high. This TNA project significantly laid down a strong foundation for us to start the journey towards a learning organization. We are glad to continue our strategic partnership with Integral in our organizational development and talent development. I highly recommend Integral to any organizations who need a strategic partner.”

Director, Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service