Sustainable Development

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress & working together is success.”

Henry Ford

How to maintain a healthy sustainable organizational growth,outperforming the competition?

Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Survey conducted by Stanford Graduate School of Business finds that, “Nearly two-thirds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership advice, but nearly all want it. ‘Lonely at the top’ resonates for most CEOs.”  Executives in an organization are always on the stage under the spotlight, and critically evaluated by different stakeholders.  As the main engine of an organization, executives require a trusted thinking partner as the third eye to offer different perspectives and candid feedback to gain new insights.  Integral’s global network of executive coaches all take a whole person approach in coaching, which can help an executive sharpen the strategic focus and deliver even better results and gain more work-life balance.

Talent Acceleration

In the era of VUCA, the world is becoming more complex and unpredictable. Many problems can only be dealt with adaptively by people. Talent could be a scarce resource in many organizations. Under this new normal, how we accelerate talent development and retention is critical in organizational development. Integral is experienced in creating a whole system of talent acceleration, including talent management mechanism, competency framework development, assessment, training, action learning, and performance review.

Strategic Thinking

The large majority of competitive organizations have carefully devised their winning strategies. The companies that manage to rise to the surface above the others are those that effectively execute their thoughtfully curated strategies. Leaders should master both strategic thinking techniques and execution tools to produce the intended results. This program is highly effective in helping participants in applying their learning to workplace strategies. Regardless of the level of management, this program targets to help executives and managers develop and implement strategies to produce effective results.

Culture Building

Organizational culture has elements of artefacts, shared values, norms and underlying assumptions. It is about the ways of how people work and interact. Culture could not be right or wrong, it is the social construction. Integral’s OD approach on culture building focuses on strategic needs and builds on the strengths of the current culture for renewal. The process of the change is transformational. We integrate different OD interventions, learning solutions, and coaching to obtain employee commitment, develop competencies, and foster the ways of working adaptively to the context.


We are constantly on the receiving end of new technology and business practices but require proper training and instruction to best utilize new methodologies. Knowledge transfer has become an important area to increase organizational learning capabilities. This best-selling program aims at equipping all levels of trainers and leaders with the right tools to be effective teachers and facilitators, including key aspects such as training planning, designing, delivering, and evaluating. Video-recording will act as an aid to coach and feedback. This program will be customized to suit the specific needs of participants who take a role as internal trainers or on-the-job trainers.

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Organization Development has been a very hot topic in China, but it's still in its infant stage here. I feel so happy for having chosen to join Terence's training, and I learned a lot of the theory, tools and practices. With the structural design of solid contents, and Terence's excellent facilitation with his rich experience in the OD field, I have to say this is one of the very few best trainings I have ever attended. And I would highly recommend every OD practitioner to join Terence's training, regardless how long you have been in OD field, you will benefit from learning from him. And I'm very looking forward to having the opportunity to continue learning from Terence in the future!

Johnson Controls, Inc.

Thank you so much for your kind help and all the knowledge and ideas. The coaching is very much relevant to my work and did help me have good cooperation and communication with each dept that I support. Personally, I really enjoyed every session, which is effective and efficient. Hope we can keep on cooperation in the future! Thank you!

Novo Nordisk

I joined Terence’s “Train the Trainer” workshop this September at ASMPT HK. This workshop is designed for people with technical background to be a good trainer. The workshop is intensive and well organized. Terence’s performance is no doubt on the top level. He is professional, energetic, and knows exactly what our weak points are. There are a lot of practical skills about how to prepare training plan, how to organize the presentation, and how to interact with your audience. We also recorded short video of our presentation, and Terence gave us open and detailed comments based on our performance. It’s funny to see my unconscious body language on stage. Such a practice gives me very clear feedback how I should improve. I strongly recommend Terence for people from any industry, with any background, who would like to improve his/her presentation skills, to better communicate with others, and to be a good trainer.

ASM Pacific Technology Ltd.