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“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Vincent Van Gogh

How to achieve efficient, consistent and quality delivery of products or services to exceed customer expectations?

Tactical Project Management

Project-based work is popular in many organizations. In this kind of management by project, members in different functional and hierarchical levels are involved in various types and scale of projects, for instance, new product development, cycle time reduction, new market development, information technology system change, employee socialization activities, cost reduction campaign, customer service campaign, etc. Other than traditional planning and organizing skills, project leaders and members need tactical project management skills to optimize resources in order to execute plans and achieve goals in a systemic approach. Whether there is a need to start off real projects or to learn fundamental planning skills and concepts, tactical project planning and management skills are suitable for all levels of managers and employees.

Performance Breakthrough

Limited resources often prevent achieving both business performance and customer satisfaction. However, this is also the area where many organizations demonstrate their competitive edges. Performance is an outcome of how to leverage interconnected organizational systems and resources. Therefore, Integral’s OD approach takes a system perspective to find out what impede organizational performance and partner with the clients to design the best-fit solutions for performance breakthrough.

Design Thinking

Harnessing dialogic OD principles, design thinking could be an effective way for organizational problem solving and innovation. Our design thinking solutions adopt Integral 4-I Model. Starting with the intervention by ethnographic investigation to reframe the problem, cross-team inspiration from the customer journey, creative ideation of solutions, and collaborative iteration of experimentation. Integral uses design thinking in both client organizational change and problem-solving learning solution.

Creative Problem Solving

One of the biggest obstacles in effective problem solving is that the problem itself is often accepted and tolerated, which ends up being ignored as a problem altogether. Therefore,the program starts with a mind shift towards problem ownership and attitude. The program then follows up with a structured approach of PSDM Model, in which participants in the workshop will directly apply concepts, tools and processes of problem solving and decision making to solve their real problems in the workplace.

Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking involves the idea that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. High performing leaders or professionals have the ability to recognize patterns, interdependency & interrelationships of components, change, variables and forces in a system. There is a certain degree of intangibility in defining these relationship elements, similar to defining the successful elements in a team that wins with teamwork. The truly insightful leaders find ways to pinpoint and develop these difficult-to-quantify aspects. This program has been designed with the goal of helping you develop this frame of thinking to resolve complex organizational problems.

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Project Management is an essential skill for almost all industries nowadays. It’s difficult to explain the complicated management ideas and master the skills. However, Terence with profound knowledge in this area made the subject easy to understand. His experience from real projects is a valuable resource. He guided the participants to form a solid foundation of the topic in a well-constructed course. This course is not just a theoretical training, but involves practical knowledge benefits many aspects in daily life. It’s recommended to all people not just management level.

CITIC Telecom

In my recent branch visit, I observed that the efficiency of branch operation have been improved obviously. I asked the branch manager about the reason of the change. He told me that it is because he used what had learnt in “Execution for Result” workshop to manage the branch. I want to express our appreciation to this amazing training.

Promise (HK) Co. Ltd.

Terence has facilitated the Creative Problem-Solving Workshops for our staff and Process Management Workshops for managers. With diverse business acumen, Terence's collaborative approach to design and customize the training contents was able to well address our company business objectives and training needs of the participants. Our colleagues have appreciated the training programs which are fun, practical and useful in helping them to diagnose root causes and identify creative solutions to the business cases. The professional facilitation of Terence can also stimulate learners' motivation to learn and inspire them to apply the learnings to work. I would highly recommend Terence to other companies for his professional and valuable services.

Sony Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited