Innovative Culture

“Creativity is thinking up new things.
Innovation is doing new things.”

Theodore Levitt
economist and professor at Harvard Business School

How to create new values to customers through an innovative culture?

Culture Building

Organizational culture has elements of artefacts, shared values, norms and underlying assumptions. It is about the ways of how people work and interact. Culture could not be right or wrong, it is the social construction. Integral’s OD approach on culture building focuses on strategic needs and builds on the strengths of the current culture for renewal. The process of the change is transformational. We integrate different OD interventions, learning solutions, and coaching to obtain employee commitment, develop competencies, and foster the ways of working adaptively to the context.

Gamified Innovation

When people feel psychologically safe, they are more participative, inclusive and innovative. Game-based design OD or gamified learning solutions boosts employee involvement and commitment to challenge status quo for change. “Play to learn” is an effective way to shift people’s mindset, mediate differences, and unlock imagination for possibilities. Integral incorporates appropriate gamification programs or methodologies in the total solution to achieve positive organizational outcomes.


LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) is an approach in which learners use a variety of LEGO® bricks as mediating artifacts to build metaphorical toy models that represent abstract concepts and ambiguous ideas.  Everyone builds, everyone shares, everyone is allowed to ask questions and make reflections on the models.  Its process, structure and techniques are designed to engage people in thinking and facilitate communication in generating insights for problem solving and strategy formation. Through hands-on and minds-on dialogic activities, learners share meanings of the LEGO® models they built. LSP enables participants to totally participate, share their values, mindfully learn, give full attention, appreciate differences and develop a sense of connection to each other’s thoughts and stories. Learning will be emotionally connected; therefore the process can deepen learning reflection, open the participants’ minds to possibilities, appreciate diversities, and strengthen resulting commitments.

Read more about LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) Methodology.

Design Thinking

Harnessing dialogic OD principles, design thinking could be an effective way for organizational problem solving and innovation. Our design thinking solutions adopt Integral 4-I Model. Starting with the intervention by ethnographic investigation to reframe the problem, cross-team inspiration from the customer journey, creative ideation of solutions, and collaborative iteration of experimentation. Integral uses design thinking in both client organizational change and problem-solving learning solution.

Tactical Project Management

Project-based work is popular in many organizations. In this kind of management by project, members in different functional and hierarchical levels are involved in various types and scale of projects, for instance, new product development, cycle time reduction, new market development, information technology system change, employee socialization activities, cost reduction campaign, customer service campaign, etc. Other than traditional planning and organizing skills, project leaders and members need tactical project management skills to optimize resources in order to execute plans and achieve goals in a systemic approach. Whether there is a need to start off real projects or to learn fundamental planning skills and concepts, tactical project planning and management skills are suitable for all levels of managers and employees.

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It was our pleasure to participate in the course of LEGO Serious Play Facilitation, we were all inspired by what "LEGO" can lead us to ... It provides a new way of thinking about "Creativity" & "Innovative Culture". Developing "Creativity Heads" and having "Innovative Hearts" to go along the road wherever it takes us to ... finding new markets, developing business concepts, new products, new services ... etc. The feedback of my colleagues was unanimously positive!

China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited

It was an innovative training where the participants got to experience the creativity that they could enhance within their work. Through interesting games along with teamwork, competition, and mind-digging activities, participants were inspired enormously. We want to thank you for your professionalism and talent!

Henkel Taiwan

Appreciate your facilitation of two days training about Innovation via LEGO serious play, it is fun and fruitful session for everyone. LEGO is a powerful tool to help our leaders realize their innovation capability and barriers for building up innovation culture in the team. I do believe this training will help to promote innovation in our organization.

Emerson Process Management Co. Ltd.