Talent Retention

“Today’s marketplace is incredibly competitive in every industry around the globe. The difference between success and failure is talent, period.”

Indra Nooyi, CEO Pepsico

How to accelerate talent development and retention to reach organizational development?

Talent Acceleration

In the era of VUCA, the world is becoming more complex and unpredictable. Many problems can only be dealt with adaptively by people. Talent could be a scarce resource in many organizations. Under this new normal, how we accelerate talent development and retention is critical in organizational development. Integral is experienced in creating a whole system of talent acceleration, including talent management mechanism, competency framework development, assessment, training, action learning, and performance review.

Coaching & Assessment

Integral believes clients can be resourceful, coaching is all about helping people make positive changes. We take a whole person approach to work out a coaching plan, by helping the client to take responsibility and awareness for growth. Integral coaches are scholar-practitioners with a deep understanding of theories of adult development, humanistic psychology, organizational behaviors, adult learning, human dynamics system, and so on. We are flexible and supportive when selecting appropriate assessment tools, craft client’s need into powerful inquiries, inspire self-discovery, build confidence and accountability for change and development action plans.

Integral Leadership Program

Leadership is often the critical defining factor for an organization’s success in a competitive marketplace. Team leaders, regardless of their levels in the corporate hierarchy, are the key to driving higher productivity and improved efficiency while maintaining team relationships to boost employee morale. One of the fundamental struggles of effective leadership is to balance results versus relationships. This program is highly interactive by use of assessments, case studies, role-plays, games, experiential activities, action learning. It is on modular basis which is flexible to mix and match the topics best-fitting to different levels of leaders and structure of curriculum.

Professional Presence

“Professional Presence” means letting the most powerful version of professional-self shine through.  Better career opportunities will be offered to those showing professionalism and good work attitude. “Presence” as a whole of gravitas, credibility, reliability, and capability, forms an impression of trustworthiness, competence, and authenticity.  This program aims to shape the fresh talents with the right mindset and basic skills to grow within their organizations.  They will take the driver seat to steer their career in the right direction, using the Integral 5 essentials for professional presence – Be Committed, Be Appreciative, Be Dependable, Be Capable, and Be Productive.

High-potential Coaching

According to a global study published on Harvard Business Review, “only 15% of companies in North America and Asia believe that they have enough qualified successors for key positions . . . fewer than 30% of European companies feel confident about the quality and amount of talent in their pipelines.”  Talent development and retention is critical success factor of organizational development, particularly in fast emerging industries. Coaching, for the high-potential talents is like a lighthouse provides direction and guidance to the young professionals at their early career development.

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The Integral Leadership Skills Workshop is a powerful tool for my career development. The workshop is highly rated and well-structured with adequate flexibility. Experienced trainer shares with us his real-life experience and practical applications. This workshop is a good start for me as I have already grasped some strategic views on leadership and people management, but I do believe leadership is a life-learning and I am excited in my upcoming workshops.

Sun Life Hong Kong Limited

Thanks very much for your help to conduct the leadership training. The feedbacks from our employees are very good and positive. In particular, this can present a good leadership behavior to our employees who have strong engineering background. I believe this can further cultivate our company culture and bring up our employees capability to company success.

WE3 Technology

Thank you for organizing such an impactful workshop! The feedback we received from the team was very positive and encouraging. Everyone -- including seasoned managers -- found the training to be both fun and enlightening. Terence is a dynamic and thoughtful trainer, who delivers with a sense of humor and humility. From the pre-workshop arrangements, to the training day, and close out – everything was handled professionally. I would be happy to recommend Terence and Integral to colleagues and contacts.

Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited