Organizational Agility

“Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent.”

Bill Gates

How to build our organizational capacity to renew itself timely and adapt to the changes in a turbulent environment?

Culture Building

Organizational culture has elements of artefacts, shared values, norms and underlying assumptions. It is about the ways of how people work and interact. Culture could not be right or wrong, it is the social construction. Integral’s OD approach on culture building focuses on strategic needs and builds on the strengths of the current culture for renewal. The process of the change is transformational. We integrate different OD interventions, learning solutions, and coaching to obtain employee commitment, develop competencies, and foster the ways of working adaptively to the context.

Strategic Thinking

The large majority of competitive organizations have carefully devised their winning strategies. The companies that manage to rise to the surface above the others are those that effectively execute their thoughtfully curated strategies. Leaders should master both strategic thinking techniques and execution tools to produce the intended results. This program is highly effective in helping participants in applying their learning to workplace strategies. Regardless of the level of management, this program targets to help executives and managers develop and implement strategies to produce effective results.

Integral Leadership Program

Leadership is often the critical defining factor for an organization’s success in a competitive marketplace. Team leaders, regardless of their levels in the corporate hierarchy, are the key to driving higher productivity and improved efficiency while maintaining team relationships to boost employee morale. One of the fundamental struggles of effective leadership is to balance results versus relationships. This program is highly interactive by use of assessments, case studies, role-plays, games, experiential activities, action learning. It is on modular basis which is flexible to mix and match the topics best-fitting to different levels of leaders and structure of curriculum.

Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking involves the idea that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  High performing leaders or professionals have the ability to recognize patterns, interdependency & interrelationships of components, change, variables and forces in a system.  There is a certain degree of intangibility in defining these relationship elements, similar to defining the successful elements in a team that wins with teamwork. The truly insightful leaders find ways to pinpoint and develop these difficult-to-quantify aspects.  This program has been designed with the goal of helping you develop this frame of thinking to resolve complex organizational problems.

Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Survey conducted by Stanford Graduate School of Business finds that, “Nearly two-thirds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership advice, but nearly all want it. ‘Lonely at the top’ resonates for most CEOs.”  Executives in an organization are always on the stage under the spotlight, and critically evaluated by different stakeholders.  As the main engine of an organization, executives require a trusted thinking partner as the third eye to offer different perspectives and candid feedback to gain new insights.  Integral’s global network of executive coaches all take a whole person approach in coaching, which can help an executive sharpen the strategic focus and deliver even better results and gain more work-life balance.

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Strategic Thinking &Problem Solving using Systems Thinking” workshop has left strong impression on every participant who are our middle managers in the company. The workshop inspired them how to develop strategic thinking as well as equipped them with practical means/tools on resolving complex problems in the organizational context. Participants also appreciate the up-to-date tools introduced by Terence. On behalf of the company I thank Terence very much for having provided such a high-quality training to our key talents for helping them develop the critical capabilities at their roles.

Bupa (Asia) Limited

Thank you for a mind-opener learning experience. We spend our lives interacting with all kinds of systems, which are often complex mixes of technology and people. The Systems Thinking Workshop benefited me most by showing me how a system approach is useful for examining interdependencies of those complex mixes. By practising systems thinking, I could better analyze a complex problem and its context, link seemingly separate unconnected events, and see how small part fits into the bigger picture.

Emerson Electric Asia-Pacific Limited

Thank you for delivering the two days’ course of LEGO Serious Play Based Change Management workshop. The workshop has emphasized on the modern business environment with the philosophy of change. I am surprised that Lego is not simply toys of building blocks, it can be applied as organizational behavior modelling. Participants were enjoying the interactive learning atmosphere and enlightening to tackle and handle change in different angles. The methodology of the workshop is creative, and steps through change progressively. It was a successful workshop in change management. I am looking forward to meeting you in other topics.

Reliance Motors Ltd.