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How can I help the developmental growth of myself, my leaders or teams around specific challenges?

Personal development is a never-ending pathway of building self-efficacy.  Integral believes in human potential.

Check out what types of coaching Integral offers your leadership development. We have a strong network of coaches worldwide to match your needs in the following areas:

Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Survey conducted by Stanford Graduate School of Business finds that, “Nearly two-thirds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership advice, but nearly all want it. ‘Lonely at the top’ resonates for most CEOs.”  Executives in an organization are always on the stage under the spotlight, and critically evaluated by different stakeholders. As the main engine of an organization, executives require a trusted thinking partner as the third eye to offer different perspectives and candid feedback to gain new insights. Integral’s global network of executive coaches all take a whole person approach in coaching, which can help an executive sharpen the strategic focus and deliver even better results and gain more work-life balance.

New Leader Coaching

Leadership cannot be developed through a single, short-term intervention. It requires a progressive and sequential series of interventions. An empirical research on 114 executives and 42 coaches found that coaching is an effective method of leadership development. Results showed that leaders have changes in behaviors after coaching in areas of people management, relationships with managers, goal setting and prioritization, engagement and productivity, and dialogue and communication. Newly promoted leaders face different challenges in the role transition from individual contributors to people manager. Leadership coaching could be one of the solutions for new leaders to learn leadership and discover the best-fit style to manage the team.

High-potential Coaching

According to a global study published on Harvard Business Review, “only 15% of companies in North America and Asia believe that they have enough qualified successors for key positions . . . fewer than 30% of European companies feel confident about the quality and amount of talent in their pipelines.”  Talent development and retention is critical success factor of organizational development, particularly in fast emerging industries. Coaching, for the high-potential talents is like a lighthouse provides direction and guidance to the young professionals at their early career development.

Project Team Coaching

A study of managing project teams published by PMI points out that “project success is no longer the result of a few expert contributors and skilled project leaders. Rather, project success depends on effective multidisciplinary efforts, involving teams of people.” A successful project requires a project team working in a harmonious and productive way.

Project team coaching is a catalyst to speed up the building and sustaining high-performing project teams in today’s dynamic and culturally diverse environment. Our project coaches have rich experience in leading successful projects, who can help the project leader and the team foster a climate of active participation, accountability and result-orientation.

Action Learning Coaching

An article published on Association for Talent Development highlights the role of coach in action learning, “action learning is a dynamic process for problem-solving, building teams, and developing leaders. It consists of six components: the problem, a group of four to six people, a process that encourages questioning and listening, a resolution to take action, a commitment to learning, and an action learning coach.” Action learning team explores real issues or opportunities in their organization to make recommendations. With the facilitation of a coach, the team learning and problem solving will be much more efficient.

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Our Coaching Approach

Integral believes clients can be resourceful, coaching is all about helping people make positive changes. We take a whole person approach to work out a coaching plan, by helping the client to take responsibility and awareness for growth from a multi-level system of personal, group and organizational. Integral coaches are all scholar-practitioners with over 20 years corporate experience in organizational change and capability development. The accumulated experience has developed our strengths in coaching with a good mix of business acumen and people management wisdom grounded on theoretical knowledge of people and organizations, such as adult development, humanistic psychology, organizational behaviors, adult learning, human system dynamics. Our coaches are flexible and supportive when selecting appropriate assessment tools, craft client’s need into powerful inquiries, inspire client self-discovery, build client confidence and accountability for change and development actions.


I was very fortunate to have the opportunity of being guided and coached by Terence. He is professional, effective and patient. During the journey of being coached by Terence, he enabled me to discover and recognize my strengths and potential, to identify my weakness and rectify, and helped me to stay on course and avoid unnecessary detour of being an entrepreneur. Without Terence, I reckon I would not be able to walk down this challenging (yet invigorating) journey. The experience with Terence was invaluable. I sincerely hope more people can be guided and inspired by Terence. Thank you!

DirectorInvestor Relations Consulting Firm

Thank you so much for your kind help and all the knowledge and ideas. The coaching is very much relevant to my work and helped me have good cooperation and communication with each department that I support. Personally, I really enjoyed every session, which is effective and efficient. Hope we can keep on cooperating in the future! Thank you!

Senior HR ManagerPharmaceutical Company

Many thanks for coaching & facilitating us on the action learning project, it really helped us to reinforce the skill on the time control and project management, guided us to deep dive the root cause to find all possibility to solve the problems. We also experienced to brainstorm the proposals from team members in terms of their daily operation or knowledge which comply and align with company’s strategy, business growth. Did learn a lot from you and had a fun as well.

Supply Chain DirectorGlobal Beverages Company

Terence is a veteran trainer as well as my MBA Strategic HRM teacher. He could always inspire me by providing vivid description of HR management in different kinds of corporations. When I was working in Shanghai as the General Manager in our newly set-up China Head Office, I got Terence’s professional consultancy from time to time to set up the effective HR strategies in this changing environment. He’s not only a good trainer but also a brilliant consultant in HR specific. His pragmatic ways helped me a lot not only in handling human resources management issues but also gave a good example for me on how to train and coach my staff in an effective way.

General ManagerTechnology Company