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What’s it all about?  For our #integral2020vision, we hope that we can contribute by doing what we do best – help you to be a better you, for yourself, for the world and for the future.  You are the key to making a difference in the world we live in today and tomorrow.

Introducing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) game to Hong Kong, Integral will be hosting a series of game that can shed light on your visions for the decade.


Did you know that there is butterfly effect in the decisions you make? If you decide to bring your own bottled water instead of purchasing one, it would affect the economic growth of the community you are in. However, by bringing your own bottle, you will be protecting the environment and reducing waste.  Through the 2030 SDGs Game, we hope to enlighten your decision-making.

Perhaps a simple vision for your year could be as simple as bringing a water bottle around.

Through the 2030 SDGs Game, we would like to help you discover what your goals are for the year.

We offer sessions for individuals, schools, non-profit organizations and corporates.  As part of our Integral2020Vison, these sessions are offered at nominal fee. For more detail information, please contact us.

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