A message from our Founders

Integral was founded in 2004, over the last decade, Integral have progressed significantly while keeping in line with its core values. The Integral consulting team’s most valuable strength and proven competitive advantage is our focus in offering client-tailored consulting services and Integrated Learning Solutions. We have created various customized training programs and learning solutions fitting specific needs of corporations, empowering their work force to succeed.

We are privileged to say that Integral provides a unique platform with a proven track record that facilitates organizations with immediate solutions, and also providing a long-term resolution in their operations. We do this by employing the DIKW pyramid. The Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom pyramid allows us to help clients’ progress fluidly from “data” to “wisdom”.   more…


What our clients say about us

Project Management is a critical skill for our employees in the business. To make the learning session more lively and practical, Terence has worked closely with HR and participants in course design by showing a keen interest in our business operations and developing customized case studies for team exercises and discussions during the workshop. His professional facilitation style coupled with his demonstrable deep expertise in project management made the workshop a success. We recommend this workshop to core contributors with project management responsibilities.

The Marketing Store Worldwide (Asia) Limited

Thank you for delivering the two days’ course of LEGO Serious Play Based Change Management workshop. The workshop has emphasized on the modern business environment with the philosophy of change. I am surprised that Lego is not simply toys of building blocks, it can be applied as organizational behavior modelling. Participants were enjoying the interactive learning atmosphere and enlightening to tackle and handle change in different angles. The methodology of the workshop is creative, and steps through change progressively. It was a successful workshop in change management. I am looking forward to meeting you in other topics.

Reliance Motors Ltd.

Running or participating in meetings has become the core duty for a lot of us. The Effective Facilitation Skills Workshop of Integral Training & Consulting Ltd. provides us with the necessary tools and also prepares us mentally on how to run meetings most efficiently and always are able to walk out of the meeting rooms with positive results and agreed action plans. This is certainly a big step to achieve organizational effectiveness.

Modern Terminals Limited

Thank you so much for your kind help and all the knowledge and ideas. The coaching is very much relevant to my work and did help me have good cooperation and communication with each dept that I support. Personally, I really enjoyed the every session, which is effective and efficient. Hope we can keep on cooperation in the future! Thank you!

Novo Nordisk China Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd.

We are truly appreciated all your time & effort to make this workshop very interesting. You have given importance to each minute detail which can be easily forgotten or neglected, that has helped us in improving our inner strength to face audience. After attending your Train the Trainer workshop, it really builds great confidence among all of us to be good trainer. Truly thank you & appreciate your profession skills which can help any management.

Li & Fung (India) Pvt. Ltd.

The team building workshop you conducted here has truly helped my team has become a real ‘team’. They really enjoyed the day and it broke down so many ‘imaginary’ barriers between them and helped them to communicate so much better with one another. Since the workshop  they have taken what they learned in to everyday they come to work and are working as team mates in every sense. Thank you Terence for providing a great learning experience for everybody.

New Balance APAC Apparel

It’s one of the outstanding workshops I have joined. Influence & Negotiation workshop is very practical and gives me a lot of inspiration. The trainer from Integral Training & Consulting Ltd is the one I met with high professional and rich training experiences who leads the whole workshop smoothly and perfectly. One of the most impressed me is the Integral team has excellent ability to understand customers’ different needs. They do not offer the “standard & fast” package for everyone but “made to measure” for the customer in order to achieve the best result and influence. I strongly believe they will continuously be the best choice for all customers.

Ermenegildo Zegna (China) Co., Ltd

The 2 day OD workshop is a great learning experience for me. Especially Terence shared with us a lot of practical tools, cases and his personal experience. Through this workshop I got a lot of insight and good idea for bringing back to contribute to company. I appreciate Terence for his excellent facilitation skill for managing class participation and idea contribution in all discussion points.

Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Many thanks for coaching & facilitating us on the action learning project, it really helped us to reinforce the skill on the time control and project management, guided us to deep dive the root cause to find all possibility to solve the problems. We also experienced to brainstorm the proposals from team members in terms of their daily operation or knowledge which comply and align with company’s strategy, business growth.   Did learn a lot from you and had a fun as well.

Anheuser-Busch InBev China

Thank you for this valuable training.  Professional development of our front line staff is an on-going process that is ever changing and must be adaptable in a competitive marketplace.  Your insights and methodologies are very current and equip us to adapt very quickly.  We have implemented your methods and processes, and our staff is experiencing positive feedback from our customers.  They are also much better equipped to handle day to day customer interactions as a direct result of the high level of professional development you have imparted to us.

Canon Hongkong Company Limited

Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving” workshop has left strong impression on every participant who are our middle managers in the company.  The workshop inspired them how to develop strategic thinking as well as equipped them with practical means/tools on resolving complex problems in the organizational context.  Participants also appreciate the up-to-date tools introduced by Terence.  On behalf of the company I thank Terence very much for having provided such a high quality training to our key talents for helping them develop the critical capabilities at their roles.

Bupa (Asia) Limited

It is an incredible experience to participate in the LSP based Change Management Workshop from two completely different perspectives, as a leader and an employee. In my first lesson, we, as leaders, expressed our thoughts and feelings towards change as well as learnt ways to lead our employees to adapt business challenges by using LEGO. However, in my second lesson, I felt differently when I viewed the same issue as an employee. I understood the challenges and needs of the employees thoroughly and how to get along with the new working environment alone. I highly recommend this practical course to you all!

Dah Chong Hong Holdings Ltd.

Terence recently delivered two management programs focusing on Leadership Training for selected Leighton staff in Macau. I found the course exceptional with the delivery outstanding and the content tailored to our exact needs. The feedback from attendees was both pleasing and very positive. Terence’s ability to keep the course flowing at just the correct level made for a very enjoyable learning event that will have a positive impact on both current and future activities.

Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited

Thanks for a 2-day workshop with a focus on strategy human resource management, Terence helped our HRBP teams improve professional skills to influence BU heads and push business development in continuous changing times. All participants were impressed deeply by Terence’s passion, positive thinking and wisdom to deal with those challenging situations. We wish Integral consultancy success in the future.

Dah Chong Hong Holdings Ltd.

Terence is a professional and seasoned training practitioner, who facilitated two sessions of Retreat Workshop in the third quarter of 2004 for our senior management team to re-focus our corporate vision, mission, values, beliefs, strategies, etc. His professional piece of work in leading the team to accomplish the objectives is highly effective. Terence demonstrated his expertise in contemporary training profession. He also gave us advice on other related strategic projects and programs. Our partnership with Terence will definitely help to fuel our rapid business growth in the coming years.

Shanghai Lotus Supermarket Chain Store Co., Ltd.

Managing project is an essential role for today’s HR professional.  In this 2-day workshop, Terence not only introduced the commonly used Project Management Model, but also his personal tips on how to lead a project successfully.  Terence is professional and dedicated facilitator.  The customized cases were well written and participants could apply the methodology and tools in planning and implementing a project.  He was able to provoke thoughts from participants and provide valuable feedback to strengthen participants’ learning.  The comments we received were extremely well.

The Dairy Farm Company, Limited